Introducing Bright Built Home and the Net Zero Concept

WP Clark & Sons Homebuilders most recent addition and partnership is with BrightBuilt Home, previously an offshoot of Kaplan Thompson Architects. 

From their website:

"Net zero is, put simply, the process of end-using – or “netting” – zero fossil fuels. To achieve net zero, a home must have the ability to generate power (typically through photovoltaic solar cells), and must consume the equivalent or less of what it generates. Most net zero homes today remain connected to the local power grid, such that they may feed surplus electricity back to world, and likewise obtain power during long stretches of cloudy weather. At the end of the day, you’re running a fair and balanced operation (with no oil or natural gas expenses, to boot)!" 

Visit their website to see other designs and learn more about this innovative approach to zero energy homes!

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