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A Seamless Process:

At WP Clark & Sons Homebuilders, Inc., our Maine design/build team prides itself in being able to provide you with what we like to call a "seamless process". From land search to building completion and beyond, we are an all inclusive building company. 

We have also developed relationships with many local partners in the industry to help bring quality, value, and creativity to your project.

We are able to assist you in:
  • Land search and analysis
  • Locating, selecting, and purchasing land-lots, even beyond our own inventory
  • Planning and design of your new home
  • In-house financing
  • Solar, radiant heat, environmental considerations
  • Permitting
  • Construction completion
  • Guarantee of quality


The little design details...from a woman's perspective.

*Placement of electrical outlets are important; think about what you are going to need, and don't forget outdoor holiday decorating! Easy access on front porches and decks make setting up lighting a snap. Positioning inside outlets to the side of windows, rather than right in front, keeps them out of view.

*How your home sits on the lot will determine how much natural light you have and at what time. If you're a plant lover, you might want to give some thought as to what rooms they will be in.

*Keeping your colors inside and outside compatible will ensure your cut flowers/bushes will coordinate with your interior palette.

*If you have children, you are probably going to want either a side door or a mud room...even if you just have a husband!

*Walkout basements add light, square footage, and can be used for multiple purposes. Consider your lot carefully if you would like to finish your basement at some point. Also, installing a work sink in your cellar is great for messy projects.

*Black or very dark sinks, flooring, or carpet look beautiful when they're clean, but they are very difficult to keep that way.

*A hot water hookup in the garage allows you to keep your vehicles and other outdoor items clean, even in the winter.

*Enough storage is a must; inspect what you have now and if you will need more in the future. Use the space under stairs, an attic, as well as adequate closets and built-ins; they usually cannot be added later. 

*Two sets of stairs to the basement, one in the house and the other in the garage, are handy and help keep "dirty" people from having to walk through your home.
*Very deep kitchen sinks are quite popular and hide dishes, but remember, if you are on the shorter side it could bother your back bending over it.

*Give enough thought to your closet layout and size, being able to hang pants straight, have compartments for shoes, purses, etc.

Our Maine design/build professionals can help you create that custom house you've been dreaming of. Please call WP Clark & Sons Homebuilders, Inc. today for more information! 

Contact us at 207.650.0766

Maine—Design/Build Processes

"Bill & Sherri,
We just wanted to tell you how much we love our new home, it's wonderful, and you are both wonderful people, a real pleasure to work with!
Thank you for everything, please stop by anytime!
Joey & Alison